If you're looking to know Catalan heritage attractions near our house in Moià, we can offer spaces will like: prehistoric caves, an important Romanesque monastery, natural spaces ...

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Caves of "El Toll" 5km

coves del toll moiaThey are a set of cavities of almost 2km long, inhabited by men and animals from 100,000 years before our era.

Contact: 93 820 91 34 - www.covesdeltoll.com

Archaeological and Paleontological museum

Museu Arqueologic i paleontologic de Moia

Exhibits archaeological and paleontological samples found.

Contact: 93 8300143 - www.mhcat.cat

Rafael de Casanova's birthplace 2km

House where the councilor of Barcelona and heroe of the siege of 1714 Setge was born. It has been converted in museum.

Contact: 93 8300143 - www.mhcat.cat

Moianès Ecomuseum (Moianès area)

Visits to different high-level architectural value:

Ice Wells
Esplugues in Castellcir
Mine in l'Estany


The Monastery and the Museum of l'Estany 8 km

Accommodation in Mas Vilarrasa you can also visit the Monastery of l'Estany. National cultural interest which was founded in 1080. Church and magnificent cloister (XII and XIII). Just 8km from the house Mas Vilarrasa

Contact: 93 8303040 -www.monestirestany.cat

Cim d'Àligues a 18 km

Cim d'àligues is a center that specializes in birds of prey.


Monastery of Sant Benet 20 km

Sant Benet is one of the most interesting monasteries in the country, with items ranging from Romanesque to Modernism's founding era, through the Baroque.


Sant Miquel del Fai 20 km

Sant Miquel del Fai monastery is built on a cliff in the fifteenth century from a previous church. It represents a fine example of gothic architecture in Catalonia.


Market of Vic 25 km

The tradition of the weekly market in the city of Vic, has made it one of the main images that visitors expect to find.


Monastery of Montserrat 40 km

Benedictine Monastery located on the mountain of Montserrat. It is a symbol for Catalonia and has become a point of pilgrimage for believers and a must for tourists.


Circuit of Catalonia 53 km


Barcelona 50 km

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city wich the Mediterranean opens to the rest of the world.

It is an important cultural and economic centre and it is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

La Rambla, a well-known boulevard, is worth a stroll down even if you only have one day in Barcelona.

Come and discover it!



Castle and Salt Mines in Cardona 55 km

The castle of Cardona is a Romanesque and Gothic style castle on a hill. It is considered one of the largest medieval fortresses of Catalonia.

Cardona Salt Mountain is a natural wonder hidden inside an old mine.


Beaches 60 km

Catalan geography presents excellent beaches to enjoy the summer.



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