Mas Vilarrasa, foto antiga rural

Mas Vilarrasa, which dates back to the year 1300, has been extended in different centuries, like most old farmhouses. The latest and greatest extension took place in 1913, giving it its actual shape. Our family started working in this house as tenants in the 40s, and it was in 1978 when we bought it.

In 1995, given the difficulty of small businesses in agriculture and livestock farming, we decided to start the rehabilitation of part of the house. What once were the old pigsties and straw barns became a self-catering cottage for 11 people.

This was the starting point, and in 2001 we finished restoring the main house, and we built another self- catering accommodation for 4 people, El Graner.

It is in 2004 when, with the intent to offer a wider choice to the demands of the industry, we built a pool, a playground and a multipurpose room heated and equipped to perform various activities.



Mas Vilarrasa
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